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View from the other side says we are complacent, ignorant and apathetic. No matter what they say about us I’ll stand with champions (not one myself) and that puts me in their shadow. I’m OK doing what I can with what I’ve got. What is being discussed in part strikes at our fundamental right to life. How do we participate is really similar to a molten mass in that we are going that way and so don’t try to stop me. Talk or in a gentler time we would share with our loved ones and friends what we are learning. To learn we must be taught. Discriminating what is correct and true is our job. Trivium is a guide.

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The creeping barage or Fabian Technocracy   Leave a comment

A full week of study is needed just to tie their intentions, to action then an outcome known to be mass mind control. On the street the term is ‘kettling’.

Use the BRAIN (db) on this site as it makes the connections graphic.

I’m being a bit naive as ‘The Georgia Guide Stones’ are specific and to the point.
Book readers (history) begin to realize that ‘all roads “DO” lead to Rome’ while doctrines of ‘religion’ emphasize love and obedience.
The contrary view only proves itself as ‘the underground’ well after the blood flows in the streets.

Give Jim Fetzer credit as he understands that a new operation has begun, initiated by the government to fulfill the considered estimation (by some elitist) that many good and intelligent people are going to die.

A point that ought to be considered; we are all in the grip of a profound understanding. Many have known as they are fleeing while others, are waiting for the shoe to drop.

I refer to a protégée of Ezra Pound…’After 40 years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion–all conspiracies are Satanic!……..The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can deliver you to your ultimate enemy–Satan.’–Eustace Mullins (Curse of Canaan, Preface)

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Society Targets Freeman Lawyers! Oh the law society, nearly had me worried.   Leave a comment

Why should I be concerned with RE-presenting myself when I am presently PRE-senting myself in the present? World Freeman Society

My response;
Don’t offend me. Everyone agrees we ought to be free therefore any interference is reproachable. When you look at the streets do you see a list of litigations or do you see easy passage? When did that change and who did it and why? Service the service industry? What foul creature has turned us from real production for our survival to pushing that paper resource from desk to desk? There are commandments that speak to our real concerns and are answered by a statement we rely on every day for our safety, my families safety and my friends and their friends; ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. The edicts that command you are from an insidious group beyond your view. Quite this misery creation policy and grow up. I understand that you have become addicted with opportunism. Every sentence is dissected for access so a tactic can be employed. You would almost believe that this all follows the paths famous ones use in philosophical and sophistic presentations. Maybe you see it as a game of strategy and war. Believe me when I say that is how far we have fallen. No different than when Pope Innocent the III warred on the Gnostic Cathars. It is wicked to think how we have not learned to respect, care for and listen to one another without malice. There is no answer for this within the hearts of men. Even here within Canada.

Most of us admire the skill and energy of hockey in both teams but to visit injury on them goes to far.

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Francis Francis Francis what have you done?   Leave a comment

Francis Francis Francis what have you done?

The Truth Behind The Jesuit priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis: Breaking the Silence, the Catholic Church in Argentina and the ‘Dirty War’

Whats on the face of this new Pope. A grin, a grimace, a smile or something.. What words do we hear, well here is a quote…. Pope Francis emphasised that he wanted “a poor Church, for the poor”. (Michael Hirst BBC News) His oath to us all and we will have it, to be sure. He declares this in St Peters Square. A round pope in a square hole. Will we see the rich church for the rich? Words have been the sword that cuts to the core.

When will he sell the silverware to achieve his conviction? How does a Jesuit priest make good their long history of wickedness? Jesuit Priest Admits Molesting Youth. The director of Canisius College has described the years-long abuse as “systematic.”

Life under rule is an affliction from corrupted power centres on to us, the seething masses. They are once again giving us more smoke in this ritualized plunder of our spirit! 

Was Pope Benedict XVI a notorious Holocaust denier like me. sh

Dean Clifford has been released. Sands of time ran out.   Leave a comment

What seems to be governing our response to that event on event is what we need to gaurd against. We need more than one Dean Clifford and I put it to Dean; help others become clear and concise on the Sovereign project at hand. Give them or should I say share with them the stage.

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James Tracy or Sibel Edmonds. SRY there is no choice!   Leave a comment

The marked alignment of those information purveyors called mainstream media has a significant value. Most of the folks have a ‘trusted source’ to which we cede our responsibilities to really know. That is lifes wedge issue. Trust. Most of us are not very responsible in our choice.
Please watch as Sibel Edmonds makes it clear.

The war on whistle blowers.

James says:
February 26, 2013 at 1:46 pm

I was under the impression that the limelight suddenly shifted to Manti Te’o’s hoax girlfriend and Lance Armstrong’s revelations on Oprah. As I was suggesting that Sandy Hook might have been a “hoax,” very real (yet insignificant) examples come to light. Wouldn’t this encourage people to look at news media more critically? Your observations are also reasonable, yet as my site’s own stats suggest there were far more people relying on the mass media’s interpretation of my remarks than actually reading my articles to find out what I actually wrote. Such media also realize the proven formula of smearing an individual and moving on before a serious discussion can ensue, assuming their audiences are inclined toward such.

The array of media also appeared to be strategic in terms of intended audience and sensationalistic effect–CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, local evening news, Inside Edition (which I never responded to) versus more “serious” outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, BBC. (NPR did address the story very briefly and Rick Stone from their local Miami affiliate WLRN wrote up what I thought was the fairest report on myself and the whole media frenzy.) BBC and Reuters contacted me but never followed up. To my knowledge one of the few more cerebral outlets that covered the “conspiracy theory professor” story very closely for a few weeks was the International Business Times. Limited intelligence hangout perhaps?


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Dean Clifford versus Leviathan   Leave a comment

Dean Clifford versus Leviathan

Minister of Justice
I – you am hereby calling on yourselves to take back for yourselves the rights and responsibilities that had been invested in you by your parents, your siblings, your neighbours and your community and to a lesser extent your country and an even a much lesser extend your leaders, domestic and foreign.
It’s not by their grace but through your testament to a law we have all propagated with consent that you are there. The evil wind crossing our land speaks to a creed, that in pockets did exist but now pervades at the highest levels. In response ladies and gentlemen of honour (we hope and believe) are making an attempt to reconnect with our sensibilities. Statutes are now used to coral our lives efforts with a cold meticulous disrespect that has many wondering and confused. As you exploit our sheepishness with a two faced ness that no one can be proud of, save the much vaunted psychopaths of the highest order, a recognition is again surfacing that you only intend to hurt us. In spite of the technocratic foolishness elicited in your hopeful Fabian techniques the trusting populace has lost faith in you. Its already leaving you in disgust and the many who can’t for fear of whats next, will face that decision soon enough. Jimmy Saville’s association with the Queen, her entourage and that pedophilic class so much associated with Pope Benedict XVI, also subscribers of that abomination are wicked beyond redemption.   
I am sure my friend Dean Clifford is very far from those iniquities. He is an honest man in heart and mind. That is not enough these days and you know why.
As for that constable looking to scale the ladder by his betrayal of the simple concepts of truth and honesty therefore justice, well he is one yours not ours. The many faces of evil have had a banker’s hand pressing them forward. Take note: Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was once quoted as saying– “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”

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