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Are We Weak or Reckless

The nut of what he is about has a cornerstone. The CBC ‘Ideas’ interview from what I gleaned implored us all to wake up or get real or as I believe, grow up. Understand that what we see or think really means something. That we construct a reality from it. Our principled life is replicated throughout the world in fundamental value, sometime broken (incest, pedophilia, sexual preferences now called brain sex, etc) but then always restored. That language and universal characteristics are many.


His book ‘The Book of Absolutes’ and this publishers forward say

“William Gairdner argues that relativism is not only logically and morally self-defeating but that progress in scientific and intellectual disciplines has actually strengthened the case for absolutes, universals, and constants of nature and human nature.

Gairdner refutes the popular belief in cultural relativism by showing that there are hundreds of well-established cross-cultural “human universals.”

In that we are always at war, an information war and who we believe wins. The Main Stream Media is our logic stream, TV edutainment modifies our perceptions therefore we who are consuming it are modified.

Stanley Milgram did a Skinner box on intelligent (college and educated) people. The results are the norm in terms of a percentage of people not grounded in principle versus those who are. I read that experiments result in 1982, roughly. Psychology Today and my recollection was 82% +- did what they were told however they were told it. Today revised studies flatter us as 65% will do what they are told. An audit of the commentary here confirms the first study.

Folks you may well need to get real and all that entails. Oddly enough if you don’t plant good seeds you won’t get a good harvest. The second rule would be that if there are few nutrients where you’ve planted the outcome is the same. At some point you may realize that your survival  and the ones you can directly persuade have a chance to get to higher ground.


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