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Dean Clifford versus Leviathan

Minister of Justice
I – you am hereby calling on yourselves to take back for yourselves the rights and responsibilities that had been invested in you by your parents, your siblings, your neighbours and your community and to a lesser extent your country and an even a much lesser extend your leaders, domestic and foreign.
It’s not by their grace but through your testament to a law we have all propagated with consent that you are there. The evil wind crossing our land speaks to a creed, that in pockets did exist but now pervades at the highest levels. In response ladies and gentlemen of honour (we hope and believe) are making an attempt to reconnect with our sensibilities. Statutes are now used to coral our lives efforts with a cold meticulous disrespect that has many wondering and confused. As you exploit our sheepishness with a two faced ness that no one can be proud of, save the much vaunted psychopaths of the highest order, a recognition is again surfacing that you only intend to hurt us. In spite of the technocratic foolishness elicited in your hopeful Fabian techniques the trusting populace has lost faith in you. Its already leaving you in disgust and the many who can’t for fear of whats next, will face that decision soon enough. Jimmy Saville’s association with the Queen, her entourage and that pedophilic class so much associated with Pope Benedict XVI, also subscribers of that abomination are wicked beyond redemption.   
I am sure my friend Dean Clifford is very far from those iniquities. He is an honest man in heart and mind. That is not enough these days and you know why.
As for that constable looking to scale the ladder by his betrayal of the simple concepts of truth and honesty therefore justice, well he is one yours not ours. The many faces of evil have had a banker’s hand pressing them forward. Take note: Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was once quoted as saying– “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”


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