Society Targets Freeman Lawyers! Oh the law society, nearly had me worried.   Leave a comment

Why should I be concerned with RE-presenting myself when I am presently PRE-senting myself in the present? World Freeman Society

My response;
Don’t offend me. Everyone agrees we ought to be free therefore any interference is reproachable. When you look at the streets do you see a list of litigations or do you see easy passage? When did that change and who did it and why? Service the service industry? What foul creature has turned us from real production for our survival to pushing that paper resource from desk to desk? There are commandments that speak to our real concerns and are answered by a statement we rely on every day for our safety, my families safety and my friends and their friends; ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. The edicts that command you are from an insidious group beyond your view. Quite this misery creation policy and grow up. I understand that you have become addicted with opportunism. Every sentence is dissected for access so a tactic can be employed. You would almost believe that this all follows the paths famous ones use in philosophical and sophistic presentations. Maybe you see it as a game of strategy and war. Believe me when I say that is how far we have fallen. No different than when Pope Innocent the III warred on the Gnostic Cathars. It is wicked to think how we have not learned to respect, care for and listen to one another without malice. There is no answer for this within the hearts of men. Even here within Canada.

Most of us admire the skill and energy of hockey in both teams but to visit injury on them goes to far.


Posted April 16, 2013 by massagrabber in Fallen Angels

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