it tastes better in Fukushima sauce   2 comments

View from the other side says we are complacent, ignorant and apathetic. No matter what they say about us I’ll stand with champions (not one myself) and that puts me in their shadow. I’m OK doing what I can with what I’ve got. What is being discussed in part strikes at our fundamental right to life. How do we participate is really similar to a molten mass in that we are going that way and so don’t try to stop me. Talk or in a gentler time we would share with our loved ones and friends what we are learning. To learn we must be taught. Discriminating what is correct and true is our job. Trivium is a guide.


Posted September 11, 2014 by massagrabber in Weak or Reckless?

2 responses to “it tastes better in Fukushima sauce

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  1. wow!!! who did this? couple of typos, but even i was impressed…. more accurately, when did i do this?

  2. Voila, was your original interview with Kerry Cassidy, and yes… Wach {those typos *wink

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