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Zvonimir Tosic 3 days ago (edited)
+MASSA GRABBER Before he was named Israel, father of twelve tribes of Israel was a man called Jacob.
Israel was a name given to Jacob by God because in his life he deserved that name (wrestled all night with an angel and did not fall). The line of Jacob, father of twelve tribes, is the physical, ethnic Israel. His sons and their tribes eventually stranded in Egypt, in slavery and the story of their escape holds the narrative of the Old Testament together.
God teaches by analogies. In the Old Testament there is a local story of Egypt, of tribes of Israel who wish to reach promised land, end slavery. The New Testament tells of a man who is to become new Israel because in his life, with his acts, he deserved that name. He wrestled with the angel of death and survived — he resurrected. He was tempted by a fallen angel too, and conquered. That man is Jeshua, later named Christ and new Israel, and he takes the story of Jacob and his 12 ethnic tribes to an all new, world’s scene.
‘Tribes’ of new Israel are children of his Bride, or Church, he established. Christ, through the Church, brings all men into the life of sanctified grace, which is the true promised land. But to understand that, we needed an analogy.
We can understand Christ and God’s intentions through historic analogies he is providing us abundantly. So if Christ wanted to be known as Israel “from the beginning”, we would have no opportunity to learn anything, nor choose, and our freedom would be a joke. But like this, we are given choices: to learn or not to learn, to accept or refuse God’s plan, etc..
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To be raised a Catholic didn’t imbue me with knowledge so deep as to give Jesus or the Christ (title) names. I look to your words as a prescription to adjusting my understanding of why Israel is lauded as a name that Jesus might have but I am a suspicious soul with inner reactions that my mind pays attention to. A bullshit meter. Most everyone has it but so as to not offend they mask it. Consequences are inner turmoil, unresolved contradictions.
No use of the word Israel benefits a Christian & a believer in the spirit of Christ therefore adding that as an attachment to his personage has agenda all over it, a foul smell. Believing the story of 12 tribes or families or clans combining under one rule, then placing a meaningful ‘standard’ out front with a name Israel however that is defined is most acceptable. As we know Hebrews were Semite whose affiliations were significantly affiliated with Egypt not only because of their being enslaved. It was said Joseph had a coat of many colors and that allegory implies associations of which being in the service of his master was one. He was sold off by his brothers for reasons not clear. Was he pest, a smart alec, another mouth to feed or were they jealous? Crazy thinking would have this favored son gone missing where no serious investigation follows or slip of the tongue shatters the fathers faith in his family.
What each allegory does is create a sense that a belief system that is not credible has caused a stupefying action to thinking men. Israel is such a thing. It was purposed then repurposed without a fundamental usefulness. It in fact co opts Jesus into Judaism where they are not remotely the same. No vengeful god filling the pockets of his followers with land or booty (what they can steal) with a nefarious past where betrayal is a rite after kol nidre.
Christians are near opposite to that.
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Michael Booey 22 hours ago

Christianity was God’s fulfillment of the revealed truths to the Israelites.

Wanting to rid oneself of all words/language that modern jews happen to use would be weakness on your part…

if a jewish person said your name is jewish, would you then change it?

Great, neither do we for our names & language; and so it’s fitting that we apply NEW terms in light of Christ…. just as the new testament is the fulfillment of the old… the New Israel, is the intended fulfillment of the old concept of Israel.
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MASSA GRABBER 21 hours ago
‘Who controls the past’, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’

Buddy, your far from home with a thread and needle to stitch together a creature. Christ consciousness is not church or idle or will. You have it or don’t as you well know it is written in an eternal record. Those destined for a sojourn in hell have brought it with them. They have nothing else to offer or develop. They are. The pleasure of Lucifer has as a fount of treasures called gile, power, intelligence and will without boundaries. Its a package deal. Many have announced their giift to Lucifer or whatever dark force is present for the passions of the day. They hate with such completeness their destiny is clear. They are like bugs to a secret light where they fry their own souls.
Israel is the demygod. Its a grand mistake intended & concocted by a nest of vipers.
Nothing to do with Christ.
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Michael Booey 12 hours ago
So, would you change your name for the sake of a modern jew who claimed it as his?

Why should Christians give up moderate or compromise THEIR culture for anyone?
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MASSA GRABBER 10 hours ago
so would you tell me something that wasn’t true in 1950 or at the Council of Nicea (religous politics) but because you waffle the zionist / Chritian (religous cult), its true today?
Do you know that your name has been claimed by a corporation & because they say that is important to them its true for you?
3rd century, Christianity was rapidly becoming more formal or better said political. So today Satanists want and got equal rights to Yahweh and Christ
Christ is the easiest following to destroy. Zionist Jews, other types of Christians have a field day as you know. From the slaughter by Romans to the slaughter of the Cathars its been good times for those that suckle satan or christian or Talmudic principles. Pope Francis says aliens are a higher moral consciousness therefore to speak against them is to blaspheme Christ. So, do you think anything we know in words has value to Christ consciousness? Therefore edicts by cult managers will exceed their authority every time.
Simply between you and your god has been usurped for the purpose of slave making. Church & state have the same objectives.
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Michael Booey 9 hours ago
The conceptual understanding of the Bride of Christ has been around for more than 50 years buddy, and we’re not deluded that we’ll catch “cooties” from jews by applying a term from the Old Testament to signify that the true concept of Israel as the Bride of Christ supercedes the outdated concept of a tribe or nation state in a given area.

And just because conceptual understanding is developed over time, does not make render it false… hehe say goodbye to mechanics and relativity theories in that case.

My name is important to me regardless of the machinations of corporations, I won’t be cowardly and give up my lineage because it happens to coincide with their delusions… but that’s just me.

Of course Christianity becomes political when a significant % of the population converts, politics is to do with people after all. And if Christianity were so easily destroyed, it wouldn’t’ve lasted near two millenia.

I think you’re fabricating words; when did he say aliens have a higher moral conscious and that to speak against them is to blaspheme?

From what I know he merely said he’d baptise them… not shocking if they exist and are rational like man is.

Same objective? Sorry, being a slave to Christ (rendering to the will of God and His moral order) is very different to being a slave to the state (rendering to the will of man alone).
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MASSA GRABBER 8 hours ago
your arguments are riddled with logical falacys’.
Fools paradise.
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Michael Booey 8 hours ago
Care to point out some of them or shall I just take you on your word?
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MASSA GRABBER 7 hours ago
no but I’ll help you base an understanding of them so you will not be as flagrant with them

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Michael Booey 7 hours ago
You perceived ad hominems because the principles I attacked were heavily integrated into your intellectual being…

they are;

A) the idea that you should abandon any similarities with jews, including language they happen to also use

B) the idea that you can either fabricate claims and tag them to people (ala the pope/alien thing)

There’s little way of attacking the idea’s without a perceiving ad hominem.
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MASSA GRABBER 6 hours ago
if you don’t know what I know, there is a difference of understanding. If what you know is contrary to mine it is simply an opinion discordance and can be resolved in good time. But when you lie to me about jews or words attributed to jews then make a claim without substance, it is a lie or worse.
Not a single historical fact has been presented to hold your opinions up & beyond scrutiny. You say 50 years & you can rearrange the language. The answer is no & never.
How many versions of Blacks Law dictionary and which version is given the highest order for reference? No guessing.
I claim that you are dishonest in the matter.
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Michael Booey 6 hours ago
What lie?

The fact that both Jews & Christians use the term “Israel”?

The fact that you have disdain for using the same term because they’re using it differently to us?

“No use of the word Israel benefits a Christian & a believer in the spirit of Christ therefore adding that as an attachment to his personage has agenda all over it, a foul smell.”

Which specific facts would you like historical evidence for? And please be specific in bullet-points, you have an ambiguous esoteric writing style

I haven’t forgotten that fabrication either (i.e. Pope: aliens have a higher moral conscious)

If I made false things up about the Blacks Law Dictionary you may have a point.
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MASSA GRABBER 5 hours ago
Jews are not less complex than Christians. Fractionated & diverse.
Jews – semitic & non semitic.
What argument is strong when a bunch of Poles turn to fake Jew & take over a land not given as per the trajectory designed into the old testament. What Christian could support that?
Compromised or fake Christians. They must know how Rothschild’s banking cabal set it all in motion.
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Michael Booey 5 hours ago
I’m anti-Israel… I agree with all your last comment.

Perhaps I made a mountain out of a molehill in all the communication.
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MASSA GRABBER 4 hours ago
what a creepy world we live in.
Zionists Want Multi Cultural Europe And Jewish Only Israel


Posted July 26, 2015 by massagrabber in Fallen Angels, Weak or Reckless?

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